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Learning by doing

Painting Tools
Reaching for the most and extending to complete more area faster in ceiling painting

Work Hard
           Work Smart                                                    Work Fast

eye protection is important when painting. especially ceiling painting
installing pressure washing tips seems easy but if not done properly can be both dangerous and unproductive
the right clothing is also important for protection even when pressure washing

Nothing Good comes Easy.  

Training to paint ceilings, work hard work smart, work fast.
checking for loose paint and cracks to fill is an important part of paint prep
even after pressure washing the walls need to be scraped for any loose paint
Floor Plan

Be More 

Construction work planning
site exploration and teaching day

Construction site exploration

Internships add to Development

Interiors Assistant Superintendent

Hospitality Renovations

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Sponsoring Company

Field Trip

STEM Xposure Inc.

STEM Xposure Inc. is a non-profit organization that aims to expose minority students to STEM careers through various Summer camps organized throughout the year.

SKILL4 images of participants at field t

Several young women from Skill4 shared a common aspiration to venture into the fashion industry. StemXposure and FlyGirlApproved graciously extended an invitation for our participants to join them in Tampa. This unique opportunity allowed them to immerse themselves in the captivating behind-the-scenes realm of Macy's, gaining firsthand insights into the dynamic worlds of fashion and makeup.

Founded in 2022, The Science of Beauty STEM program is a partnership between FlyGirlApproved and STEM Xposure. We host summer camps and field trips for African American girls ages 10-17 years to help them understand intricacies about hair, beauty, and skincare. We provide mentorship to the young girls into the STEM careers in the beauty industry. 
During the programs, they get to interact with beauty professionals, Science professionals and business professionals.

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