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Workforce Solutions

Problem: Women make up less then 11% in the construction industry in the USA. (NAWIC website 2018 stat)

2018 General Construction Statistics

Total Workers in Construction *** 10,692,000
Men in Construction  *** 9,721,000
Women in Construction **** 971,000

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The number of tradeswomen (those working in hands-on roles as general contractors or subcontractors) currently stands at only 2.5% of total construction industry employees. However, the tide is beginning to turn.

Between 2014 and 2019, there was a 64% rise in women-owned construction firms to now account for 13% of the industry as a whole. The opportunities are there and they’re growing—for good reason too. 

After spending the better part of a decade rebuilding itself from the 2008 recession, the construction industry is now facing a new kind of crisis: a significant labor shortage for skilled craftspeople. 

For many young adults, college and a four-year degree are strongly encouraged over skills-based apprenticeships with electricians, plumbers, and other construction jobs. With 41% of the current construction workforce anticipated to retire by 2031, the US could be in demand of over one million craft professionals in the next 10 years. 

Creating positions for women on the jobsite and then training and supporting them as they don their hard hats, is the only way for the industry to survive.

Training Services  and Certifications


  SKILL4 is a Work Force Training Provider

Learn the basic construction core curriculum of the NCCER

Hybrid Training options (online and in-person)

We will set up training for your group home or organization. Get in touch with us.


Training Cost supported* by the Career Source of Central Florida .  

(*Terms for qualification)

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Pre-construction service package

Pre-construction services: Real world workforce internships. Current college students, Recent graduates not yet employed and current high school students interested in the building industry.

Pre-construction services with SKILL4 will provide the preliminary planning and design services typically offered by construction and architectural companies at an interns rate with industry professionals supervising their performance and completion. To aid your company with the required services before a construction job even begins.

  • Planning the design - Project Schematics  and 3D  interior finish and landscape elevations

  • Estimating costs and offering cost-saving options - Collaborations with team material suppliers

  • Managing project scope - Initial site visit with clients - Relationship and expectation building for renovation projects 

  • Outlining contingencies for both client and contractor 

  • Schematics with scope measured for bid process - Preferred tool for renovation project and assisting client with view points for decision making.

  • Building Department / Zoning Liaison

  • Materials Procurement - Partnerships with supply distributors to offer discounted options for supplies and materials

  • Subcontractor Liaison 

Three Major benefits to the Construction and Architectural Firm that Contracts our pre-con service package.

1. Socially Conscience / Tax Shelter *

2. Workforce development for your firm and the entire industry (employment worthy candidates)

3. Services your company must provided and offers a value added savings to clients.

*501(c)3 investment

Workforce Development

Book Knowledge has its place but there is nothing better than O.J.T. (on the job training)

Students Interns will be provided with the type of experience that will develop future designers, project coordinators, project engineers and project managers.

Working remotely, interns  will engage what has become a workforce standard.  Mastering the ability to become dependable efficient remote employees.

Student Designers will provided quality schematics and renders to present scope of work clarity to clients and provide effective information for sub bids. Schematics  offering both before and after elevations with measurements. Color and materials view point to allow clients the confidence of project execution based on their vision

Before and After Project  Layouts

Before and After / Colors and Materials Rendering

Royce bathrm full project view.jpg

6 Month Cycles for Learning 

Every 6 months we introduce a trade. In that time we learn of other areas in construction that coincide with that trade.

(Current Skills Training is being held only on weekends)


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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